About me

If someone asks me when my passion for sports kicked off, I can easily say that I was only 2 years old when I started alpine skiing and ice skating. Obviously, it wasn’t my decision completely because I was too young to realize what was happening back then, but I will always be grateful for my father’s decisions. In addition to that, by the time I was 5, I started swimming and playing tennis. At 8, I took up other sports, such as water polo and basketball. By the age of 18, I competed in 5 different sports – tennis, swimming, water polo, basketball and golf – winning more than 45 trophies in national and international championships.

In 2014 I successfully past my exams, and became a fully qualified level 3 tennis coach

As far as golf is concerned, I started playing it at 14 years old, and 4 years later, I was the first and only Romanian golfer who had an official EGA Hcp of +1.5. (bellow par). This was, and still is, the lowest Hcp registered in the EGA by a Romanian golfer. Only then, I was eligible to register for the EPD tour Q school in Germany, where I ended up on the 44th place out of 115 professional players. There I won my tour card, carding two identical rounds of 2 over par on two cold and rainy days, being the first Romanian player, after more than 50 years, to obtain a tour card, and becoming a Touring Professional.

In 2015, I successfully completed all the courses and passed all my exams to become a fully qualified WGTF of GB&I level 3 golf coach. During the same year, I also passed the admission exam for Medical School and
I started attending classes there.

In 2017, I started teaching golf. My goal was to help people have a better understanding of the swing mechanics and by doing so, I think I also helped them reach their goals.

Moreover, I’ve been the head PRO at Golfroom since 2017 and I’m also teaching at “Stejarii Country Club”.
I succeeded in combining my coaching lessons with Medical School. Now I’m in my 5th year of studies and I can say that blending this areas together was not easy but I did everything in my power to create a link between my passion and my career.

In 2019 I was the first Romanian golfer to obtain a PGA class A coaching qualification, after Professor Paul Tomita in 1937


  • PGA Golf coach
  • WGTF of GB&I level 3 out 4 certified golf coach
  • Swing Catalyst level 1 out of 2 certified coach for ”pressure plate and advanced video analysis
  • Foresight Sports GC certified Technician level 1 out of 2 for ”Advanced club an data analysis
  • Touring professional
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